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Aussies receive global CIGRE Award !

By ANC, 7 May 2020

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Four  long term Australian CIGRE members have received Distinguished member status from the global governing body.

Mr Rob Stephen, CIGRE's global president announced the award recipients in his recent communication to members.

This Award is a very prestigious award and is granted to long serviing individual members who have made a significant contribution to CIGRE technical activities.

Its purpose is to acknowledge the active participation of members over a number of years, to the work and development of CIGRE.

Congratulations to the four Australian recipients who were nominated by the CIGRE Australia board and endorsed by the global Technical Committee.

Recipients are:

 Mr. Alex Baitch

ABaitch portrai         

Alex has been a long term member of CIGRE and in that time has contributed significantly to technical activities,  Alex was the founding Australian C6 mirror panel convenor and has served on several WG including WG C8,08; WG.C6.09; WG.C6.11; WG C6.19 ; WG c6.30 and convenor of WG  C6.23.  Alex has also contributed to Green Book "Electricity Supply Systems of the Future"  and is a member of C1/C6.37/CIRED  Optimal Transmission and Distribution Investment Decisions under Increasing Energy Scenario Uncertainty.   Alex continues his involvement in our C6 and C4 panel and in assisting our young engineers.   

Mr. Ken Ash

KA Image 3   

Ken has been a long term member of CIGRE.  He has been a member of several WG including WG C6.24; WG C6-.22 and WG C6.28.  He has also been a representative on the C6 Study Committee and the Australian shadow C6 convenor for 7 years.  Ken was instrumental in initiating and assisting in successfully implementing CIGRE Australia's 'CIDER' event on DER, which is now a mainstay biennial event.  Ken continues his involvement in our C6 panel and is aiding and mentoring our younger engineers.                           


Mr. Rod Hughes

RGH 2 head and shoulder

Rod has been a long term member and contributor to CIGRE since 1985, both in Australia and globally.  He has contributed to many WG and Paris papers and in Australia was the B5 Mirror Panel Convener from 2004 to 2012.  In that role he was instrumental in conceptualising and creating the first three SEAPAC B5 conferences, which continue today as our primary biennial technical conference. Rod also introduced the KMS system to Australia and ran it for several years prior to it being adopted by CIGRE globally. Rod continues to contribute to the local technical space and SEAPAC


Mr. Simon Bartlett



Simon Bartlett (OAM)  has been involved in CIGRE and the Electrictiy industy for many years. His CIGRE involvement has been as an employee of Collective members Powerlink and later Uni of Queensland.  In his time, he has been involved in a plethora of technical committees and WG.  His first CIGRE meeting was the general meeting in 1976 where he represented the State Electricity commission of Queensland. He has been convenor of WG 23.04, SC 23 SAG and TAG member,  member TF B4.18.  Simon was the Australian Convenor of AP 23( later B3) has received an award of Merit from CIGRE Australia in 2000 and a CIGRE Technical committee award in 2003.  He has also recently completed his term as a long term Australian CIGRE Board member.   Simon was also instrumental in establishing the Australian NGN and has helped with its development over the last 6 years .  He continues to be involved and particularly encourage the involvement of our young engineers.