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Task Force TFB4.77 “AC Fault response options for VSC HVDC Converters”

A recently formed CIGRE Task Force TFB4.77 “AC Fault response options for VSC HVDC Converters”, chaired by John Gleadow from New Zealand, held its first meeting late last year in Manchester, UK.

This is an important Task Force for Australia, as it is investigating the challenges faced by AC grids with little or no synchronous generation.  The rapid growth of solar and wind generation in Australia, particularly in states such as South Australia and recent major disturbances such as those in South Australia and Texas make this a very timely piece of work.  The Task Force will consider what is required to change the design and cost of HVDC VSC inverters so that new HVDC interconnectors perform as Virtual Synchronous Machines.  The work will include a range of specification options, model simulations, converter valve ratings and a broad cost benefit analysis. 

The Task Force is working to a tight timeframe of 10 months with its report to be completed by October 2018. There is an impressive line-up of Task Force members from the world’s leading HVDC VSC manufacturers, transmission operators and expert consultants.    

Simon Bartlett is the Australian representative and will draw on knowledge gained from the development of the ARCMesh HVDC VSC interconnector between Queensland and South Australia.   

Simon will coordinate and draft the first chapter of the Task Force’s report “Problem Definition – a brief review of the challenges faced by the AC grid with little or no synchronous generation”.

Progress of the task force will be reported on our website and updates provided in future In The Loop editions.