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Paris Session Scholarship Reports

Emma Rogers and Matthew Ridgley both presented superb presentations to win the scholarships. 

Emma Rogers - Energex

Throughout the sessions I gained a better understanding of the CIGRE structure, its goals and how the committees and working groups function to deliver tutorials, brochures and white books. I was overwhelmed with the homogenous interaction of the CIGRE international community working towards achieving common goals. The amount of knowledge that the collective community has is astounding and I think it is taken for granted that it is an achievement that not many other industries have been able to achieve

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Matthew Ridgley - Ergon Energy

I had the honour of representing the Australian Next Generation Network at the 2016 Paris Sessions as a result of winning the CIGRE ANC Scholarship. This was a very exciting opportunity for me to expand my knowledge on both the electricity industry as a whole as well as CIGRE as an organisation. I am very grateful to have been selected for this opportunity.

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