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CIGRE Events and Seminars

Apart from the Paris Session later this year, CIGRE Australia are staging a number of technical events over the next twelve months or so.  These events cover a raft of subject areas and topics and are delivered by a range of local and international experts. 

Below is listed our current program of events:  Information can be found on our events page HERE or by cllicking on the header for the event.  (If there is no link, then the web page for that event is still under development)

April -   Transformer Workshop
This has now concluded and saw a record number of attendees with the
         presentation of CIGRE Tutorials on Condition Assessment of Power Transformers and transformer
         bushing reliability presented, along with a series of presentations from local experts.

June -Introduction to CIGRE and technical summary

The CIGRE Board will be holding the third of its meetings for this year in Sydney on Tuesday 10th July.  During the morning of the 10th we will be presenting a short free seminar summarising some of the technical work that is currently being carried out locally and internationally. 

June - July - A Masterclass Series on High voltage Insulators presented by Dr, Wallace Vosloo

                     (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney Brisbane) Various dates June-July 2018.

Dr. Wallace Vosloo will be coming from South Africa to Australia at the invitation of CIGRE Australia and the Australian Power Institute to present this masterclass series. Classes will be held in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  Information and registration on our events website.

July  25th - Melbourne  - An Introduction to the NEM and Markets (Web event page being developed)

         This workshop will be presented by David Strong of David Strong & Associates and will cover physical,
         financial and risk aspects of participating in the Australian NEM as well as look as some alternative
         market types.

August  13th & 14th -     CIGRE Tutorial - C4 - “Application of synchrophasor solutions for the monitoring and control of power systems”

This event will  be hoisted by the University of Wollongong and will be   based on the activities of Cigre Working Group C4.34 “Application of PMUs for monitoring power system dynamic performance” and will be coordinated by the Working Group Convenor, Professor Udaya Annakkage from the University of Manitoba, Canada, in conjunction with the Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre (APQRC) of University of Wollongong (UoW). 

August -   Paris Session - Palais des Congrès Porte Maillot-75017 Paris - Aug. 26 - 31, 2018

The Registration process for CIGRE Australian attendees is OPEN

In conjunction with the Session 47, CIGRE Australia has again awarded two young engineering scholarships to attend and participate in the Session.

November - Australian Technical Committee Seminar as part of AGM - Hobart  15th  November

 Thursday 15th - As we did in 2017, the Technical convenors will present some of the projects and work that CIGRE  Australia members are engaged in. 
 This session is free and open to any interested person to attend - information and registrations can be found on our website.  

         CLICK HERE to download the report from 2017

 March 19th - 20th 2019 - SEAPAC19  - The Star Sydney
         The eigth installment in our very successful Automation and Controls Seminar 

April -  Sydney  - Transformer Tutorials and Workshop - (Web event page being developed)

August - 21- 22  CIDER19  - August Melbourne - Pullman on the Park.  (Web event page being developed)
         The third edition of our Conference on the Integration of Distributed Energy resources