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Issue 21 - March 2020

Dear Reader, 

Welcome to the First Issue of In The Loop for 2020.

It certainly has been quite a disruptive start to the year with the spread of COVID-19 and many of our members now working from home.

The CIGRE office is also now primarily working from home offices and we are looking at ways that we may be able to continue to provide value to members whilst they are at home.  We are still evaluating the best options, but this may be through more webinars, technical articles or links to online resources.

This edition of ITL includes four articles. The first and second are technical articles on some work that has been done on the  likely impact of Geo-magnetic storms on our grid and a joint working group that looked at how reliability standards/market rules can be used to help maintain system reliability and market efficiency.    The third article draws your attention to a relatively recent CIGRE initiative of the GREEN BOOKS. The GREEN BOOKS, of which there are currently six, are substantial state of the art reference books which bring together all the existing Technical Brochures and other relevant publications for a particular domain of work,

All the GREEN Books are available for purchase on the e-cigre site and can be accessed HERE

The final item in this ITL references the CIGRE Webinars which are available FREE on the e-cigre site   - The Webinars run for around 50mins and present some recently completed Technical Brochures, generally presented by the Working Group Chairperson.


Unfortunately due to the global impact of the Coronavirus, we had to postpone our planned Transformer Workshop and at this stage are considering the timing and staging of other events that we would normally hold.

For those that may be considering attending,  the biennial Paris Session scheduled for the end of August is also currently being reviewed by our global office.  An announcement from the Paris Office is expected mid April.

You can stay in touch by following us on our social media and websites and we are still contactable via email and phone. 

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Thank you for reading and from all of us at CIGRE - stay safe during this challenging period.

Terry Killen

Executive Manager
CIGRE Australia            


Working Group C4.32 “Understanding of geomagnetic storm environment for high voltage power grids”.

After several years of effort, CIGRE Working Group C4.32 has just published its Technical Brochure 780, which is titled “Understanding of geomagnetic storm environment for high voltage power grids” and which highlights the significant risks these events can place on power systems. Dr William Radasky from the United States convened the WG, which included Australian members Robert Adams and Andrew Halley.


Joint Working Group C2/C5.05, “Reliability standards and market rules related to maintaining reliability and market efficiency”.

A CIGRE joint Working Group has recently published a Technical Brochure considering how liberalised electricity markets rely on market prices to attract the physical resources necessary to maintain a reliable electricity supply. Power system operators want to ensure that in challenging power system conditions all possible resources can be brought to bear to provide reliability of supply, even if not provided through market mechanisms. Australian members on the working group were Mark Miller and Greg Hesse


CIGRE Green Books

Green Books are relatively new additions to CIGRE’s vast library of technical information. These are substantial state of the art, reference publications that will eventually encompass all the subjects covered by CIGRE and its Study Committees. Drawing on all the existing Technical Brochures and other relevant publications for a particular domain of work, Green Books consolidate this information into a single book.


CIGRE Webinars

CIGRE provides a range of Webinars based around recently published Technical Brochures. These can be downloaded from the e-cigre website