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Issue 17 - February 2019

Welcome to the first issue of ITL for 2019.  

This year is already shaping up to be another interesting and active year for CIGRE.  We have two of our key conference offerings for the year - SEAPAC  (South East Asia Protection and Automation Conference)  March 19th & 20th - in Sydney and the Transformer workshop April 3, also in Sydney.

This will be the seventh edition of SEAPAC and this biennial event continues to grow, attracting significant industry papers and top level sponsors.  This year S&C Electric and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories have again supported us as the main GOLD sponsors for the event along with SILVER sponsors Omicron, DT Partners, RMS Mors Smitt, Schneider Electric, Dynamic Ratings, ABB, Eaton, PSC, Siemens and IPS, Additionally several other organisations will have exhibition booths at the event.   In fact, we have filled the exhibition space available with some 16 exhibitors plus information stands from the Transformer Innovation Centre (TIC) and APT - publishers of the Transmission and Distribution magazine.

Our A2 Transformer workshop has been running for many years and has cemented a place as the lead-in day to the very successful annual Techcon event in Sydney.
This years event will focus on issues related to condition assessment with a focus on tap changers and presents an informed lineup of speakers along with opportunity for discussion and debate.

Registrations and more information on both these events can be found by clicking  HERE and going to our events page on our website.

This edition kicks off the year with summaries on three global working groups which Australian members have been involved in.

Links to relevant brochures have been provided and are free to members, whilst non members can buy the articles online if they wish.  Readers should note that in some cases,  the cost of annual membership and therefore access to the whole CIGRE database (some 14,000 documents, articles and technical brochures) is actually less than or not much more than buying an article as a non member.

The first of our summaries is a summary of a technical brochure 'Contemporary design of low cost substations in developing countries'.  Whilst the focus was on developing countries, a number of the recommendations in the Technical Brochure are relevant for our own developed countries and it is well worth a look.

The second article covers the work of WG C4.27 "Benchmarking of power quality performance in transmission systems", which looks at developing a set of guidelines for benchmarking transmission technical performance.  A number of Transmission Network Service Providers operating within the National Electricity Market are currently utilising the Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre APQRC for power quality benchmarking and ongoing compliance assessments so this paper has direct relevance to the Australian environment.

The final article in this edition highlights the co-operation and work carried out between CIGRE and CIRED on the joint working group JWG A3.32 / CIRED – which considered Non-intrusive methods for condition assessment of distribution and transmission switchgear. 

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Thank you for reading and if you find the content of interest, please pass the link onto fellow workmates and other colleagues/contacts who may have an interest.

Terry Killen
Executive Manager
CIGRE Australia



Contemporary design of low cost substations in developing countries

According to the World Bank, approximately 1.1 billion people, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and developing Asia, live without electricity today. Working Group B3.43, convened by Perry Tonking from Australia, was formed to support efforts to electrify regions where significant challenges exist in developing infrastructure. It has now published Technical Brochure 740, titled “Contemporary design of low cost substations in developing countries. While the focus was on developing countries, all of the recommendations in the Technical Brochure are relevant for developed countries.


WG C4.27 "Benchmarking of power quality performance in transmission systems"

Understanding and specifying technical performance of power systems is a critical factor in ensuring overall operating and capital costs are optimised. While reliability is often a key consideration, power quality is also important. CIGRE working group C4.27, was established in 2014 with a brief to investigate methods of benchmarking power quality (PQ) performance in transmission systems and has since produced Technical Brochure 718.


JWG A3.32 / CIRED – Non-intrusive methods for condition assessment of distribution and transmission switchgear

The changing nature of the power system due to the rapid roll out of renewable and distributed generation presents a risk of unnecessary expenditure on infrastructure. New technologies that collect much greater data on system performance and innovative approaches that minimise equipment outages can reduce this risk. Non-intrusive condition equipment assessment, which can be carried out with the equipment in service, reduces the potential for customer outages as well as unnecessary duplication and inappropriate replacement of equipment.