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Issue 15 - July 2018

Welcome to the July edition of In The Loop,

In this issue we continue to highlight global work that CIGRE Australian members have been involved in as well as recognise a long serving member of the CIGRE Community.

The Tour De France has completed and has now made way for some 3500 CIGRE members and some 260 manufacturers and service providers to take over the Palais des Congrès in the last week of August.

The bi-ennial Paris Session is front and centre as it begins in only 24 days.  This year Australia has a record number of delegates attending and we have had to source an additional hotel as bookings have far exceeded any previous year.

The 2018 Session 47 is shaping up to be one of the best and most informative yet, with the Paris office also reporting record attendances and a higher number of exhibitiors.

You can go to our website HERE to get more information and to also download the session program.   Registrations are not possible after 8th August, so if you have been thinking about it, now is the time to act.

The work that we have highlighted this edition includes output from three of our 'C' Working Groups covering the areas of :-  The major drivers for changes to Electricity Markets; the impact of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and a look at global system restoration practices and some ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency and reduce associated risks. 

I would also like to make special mention of one of our long term members Mr. Hans Mayer who has been awarded a CIGRE Distinguished Member award in recognition of his long-standing contribution to the Association through participation in global technical work and with the Australian National Committee Panels.

This is a very well deserved award for Hans, who is a well respected member and mentor and who is still an active participant on our Australian B1 panel.

The next edition of ITL will be released in October and will cover some detail from the Paris Session as well as offer more detail on some upcoming technical events.

As always, I trust you will find the content of this newsletter relevant and interesting and enjoy the read.  This is a freely distributable newsletter, so feel free to pass or forward to colleagues if you believe they may find the articles of interest.

If you have any comments or suggestions for articles or topics, please feel free to contact me by phone (07) 3310 8838  or email enquiries@cigreaustralia.org.au

Best Regards

Terry Killen
Executive Manager
CIGRE Australia


WG C5.20 – Drivers for Major Change in Electricity Markets

Whether it is to drive down the price to end customers or to improve the overall reliability and security of supply, major changes to competitive electricity markets are considered from time to time with varying degrees of success. Working Group C5.20, convened by Greg Thorpe from Australia, has recently examined these issues and has now published Technical Brochure 709 on Drivers for Major Change in Electricity Markets. Other Australian members on the working group were David Bowker (who originally started the group) and Tim Baker. This work is particularly relevant to Australia at this time as the effectiveness of the National Electricity market in providing adequate reliable generation capacity and meeting agreed emission targets, at an affordable cost is being challenged.


WG C2.23 System Restoration Procedures and Practices

While all System Operators have similar objectives to restore power as quickly and smoothly as possible following a power outage, procedures and practices may vary due to system or market differences. In addition these restorations may not always proceed as planned. Working Group C2.23 has conducted a review of system restoration procedures and practices adopted by System Operators to determine ways to improve effectiveness and efficiency and reduce associated risks. The findings have been published in Technical Brochure 712 and the Australian member on the working group was Mark Miller.


WG C6.30 The Impact of Battery Energy Storage Systems on Distribution Networks

Battery Electric Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are being used in distribution networks to improve operational efficiency, postpone or eliminate the need for large capital expenditures to upgrade networks, and enable greater integration of renewables. Unfortunately, there is a lack of guidelines and recommended practices on how these systems should be integrated into the distribution networks. Working Group C6.30 “The Impact of Battery Energy Storage Systems on Distribution Networks” was established to address this issue and the findings have recently been published in Technical Brochure 721. The Australian members on the WG were Michael Negnevitsky and Alex Baitch.


Distinguished Member Award

Australian long term member, Mr. Hans Mayer has received a CIGRE Distinguished Member Award in recognition of his significant contributions to the technical work of CIGRE globally over a long period of time.


CIGRE upcoming Events

Apart from the Paris Session in late August, CIGRE Australia are staging a number of technical events over the next twelve months or so. These events cover a raft of subject areas and topics and are delivered by a range of local and international experts.