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Issue 13 - February 2018

Dear Reader

Welcome to 2018 and another year !

As is always the case with an even numbered year, 2018 will see the biennial Session 47 held in Paris August 26th - 31st.  This is the pre-eminent CIGRE event and whilst being very convenient for the European members continues to attract significant numbers of members from the America's and Asia Pacific areas. 

In 2016 Australia had some 95 attendees and this coming year is shaping up to be even more popular as we have had a record twenty-four technical papers accepted for presentation during the session.   

As with previous years, we are continuing to offer two scholarships to our young engineers.  The applications close on 15th February and information is on our website, so if you are interested or have young engineers that may be, act quickly to ensure you have time to get the application in.

In addition to the Paris Session, we are planning to offer some interesting technical seminars and events, including a Master class series on High voltage Insulators presented by Dr. Wallace Vosloo and  jointly organised with CIGRE Australia and The Australian Power Institute (API).  Information on this and all our planned events can be viewed on our events website - HERE

Apart from our events coverage, articles this edition include :

  • an overview on the Technical Brochure arising from the work of Working Group WG B2.56 – Ground Potential Rise at Overhead AC Transmission Line Structures During Power Frequency Faults and

  • an update on a recently formed CIGRE Task Force TFB4.77 “AC Fault response options for VSC HVDC Converters”, chaired by John Gleadow from New Zealand.

  • Finally there is a short article showing where our members are based and presenting some statistics on our website and conference presentations which may surprise you.

I would like to draw your attention to the CIGRE Australia Technical summary seminar that the Board is hosting in Perth on 15th of February. This is a free event and will outline what CIGRE is about and some of the interesting projects that we are currently involved in.  If you are in Perth on the 15th and have a couple of spare hours in the afternoon, I am sure you will find this session of interest.  More information can be found on our event site HERE.

I am also pleased to be able to announce that CIGRE International based in Paris has decided to adapt CIGRE Australia's marketing and branding concept and has contracted the same Marketing and Branding company that we used in assisting us develop our website and other tools over the last three years.  The Paris based CIGRE will  officially launch the new offerings and look to all National Committees at the Paris Session in August of this year.  This follows the adoption/adaption of our Knowledge management and collaboration tool which was taken up globally at the last Session and is a great acknowledgement of our intiative and work in this area.

As always, I trust you will find the content of this newsletter relevant and interesting.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me by phone (07) 3310 8839  or email enquiries@cigreaustralia.org.au

Terry Killen
Executive Manager
CIGRE Australia



CIGRE - A 2017 Technical Overview

With the start of a new year it seems appropriate to review the current status of CIGRE, its key areas of focus and how the individual Study Committees are addressing the strategic technical challenges that the power system is facing. This article draws on the presentations by the International Chairman of Study Committee B3 and all the Australian Panel Convenors which were made at the Forum run by the Australian Technical Committee in November 2017, the day before last year’s AGM in Adelaide.


WG B2.56 – Ground Potential Rise at Overhead AC Transmission Line Structures During Power Frequency Faults

As we know, transmission lines are often located close to areas of public access. Public and worker safety is always top priority in the operation of transmission overhead lines and effective grounding of each line structure is necessary to provide safety, proper protection operation and acceptable lightning performance. Working Group B2.56 has examined the issues related to ground potential rise (GPR) on overhead transmission lines during power frequency faults and has recently produced Technical Brochure 694 to: • Raise awareness of potential safety risks associated with Ground (Earth) Potential Rise (GPR) for overhead lines; • Promote a safe operating environment near line structures during power frequency faults and; • Aid understanding of the strategic design approach associated with line grounding problems and available solutions for power frequency line faults.


Task Force TFB4.77 “AC Fault response options for VSC HVDC Converters”

A recently formed CIGRE Task Force TFB4.77 “AC Fault response options for VSC HVDC Converters”, chaired by John Gleadow from New Zealand, held its first meeting late last year in Manchester, UK.   This is an important Task Force for Australia, as it is investigating the challenges faced by AC grids with little or no synchronous generation.


CIGRE by Numbers

CIGRE Australia membership continues to grow as does our technical contribution to regional as well as global working groups, study committees and task forces. This article presents a short summary of our membership and some statistics.


2018 Events and Seminars

During 2018 we have several events and seminars planned, including the 2018 Biennial Session 47 in Paris during August.