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Issue 7 - June 2016

Welcome to our 7th Edition of our industry newsletter - In The Loop (ITL)

I am very pleased to be able to inform you that CIGRE Australia has added a Twitter account to its communication media. 

You are now able to keep abreast of what is happening in the CIGRE world by following us at  @CIGREAUS  and of course via our existing LinkedIn account
Follow us so that you can remain up to date with CIGRE events and news and importantly what events and activities our Young Engineer Network (NGN) have planned.

Toward the end of next month  21st - 26th August, CIGRE is holding its biennial session in Paris.  This event is attended by some 3500 delegates and we have some 95 registered Australian delegates and partners.  We will use Twitter and LinkedIn to keep followers up to date with significant sessions and proceedings.

The next edition of ITL will be held over to an early October publishing date so that we can present some summaries of the Paris session.

This edition features some of the working group work that our CIGRE Australian members have been involved in.

The first article summarises the work being coordinated by Nalin Pahalawaththa on connection of wind farms to weak AC Power Systems and contains a link to the TOR.  The paper with the detailed results should be available later this year following the Paris Session.

The second article looks at some important co-operation between New Zealand and Australian members looking at issues related to life extension of HVDC systems, whilst the third item in this edition offers a link to the executive summaries of work completed by our C5.17 Working Group on the topic of Capacity Mechanisms used in various markets around the globe.

Finally, there is a short summary and a link to the presentation 'Global Power System Trends and Implications for the Future'  given by CIGRE Australia's Phil Southwell at the recent Electricity Engineers Association conference held in Wellington. 

Thank you for your interest and I trust you enjoy the articles.  If you would like to follow up information in the articles, have suggestions for future articles or would like to enquire about the benefits of CIGRE membership, please contact our office  (07) 3310 8838 or email us.


Best Regards

Terry Killen
Executive Manager
CIGRE Australia



CIGRE Work identifies substantial savings

CIGRE work conservatively expected to bring benefits of more than $60m to the Australian electricity industry over the next 10 years. CIGRE Working Group B4.62 which is being led by Nalin Pahalawaththa, the previous convenor of Australian Panel B4, has been investigating the challenges associated with connection of remote wind generation sites to the grid. They will shortly issue a Technical Brochure that will identify the issues and provide a guide for connecting to these systems.


Life Extension of HVDC Systems

Australian and New Zealand members make a strong contribution to important work on Guidelines for Life Extension of HVDC Systems. The brochure produced provides an excellent reference for many key aspects of HVDC operation, maintenance and performance that should be useful to those involved in the development of operation and maintenance programs and strategies for HVDC and FACTs devices.


CIGRE conducts global review of market capacity mechanisms

A global review of market capacity mechanisms and the regulatory aspects of demand side response provides food for thought. CIGRE has been reviewing market capacity mechanisms as well as the regulatory aspects of demand side response that can influence the required capacity. Two have now been produced considering the regulatory and technical aspects of capacity mechanisms.


Electricity Engineers Association meets in Wellington.

Phil Southwell, the immediate past chair of International Study Committee C1 represented CIGRE as a keynote speaker at the annual Electricity Engineers Association Conference in Wellington, New Zealand in June this year.