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Issue 5 - January 2016

Welcome to 2016 and this, our fifth edition of In The Loop (ITL). 

We now have over 500 subscribers and have received good feedback on articles published in previous editions.

In this edition, we present an update on upcoming  events, report on the  recently completed B5.39 Working Group, present some reported cases of the benefits of CIGRE membership and how CIGRE continues to add to the body of technical and engineering understanding and finally, provide a reference to the recently launched interim report of the Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap project.

A focus for 2016 will be to provide more regular updates and features via our linkedIn site and the news section of our website.  Please check our sites for updates on events, news and happenings in the CIGRE world.

I am also pleased to be able to say that our Young Engineer network (NGN) continues to grow to now over 240 members.  

Following the success of their webinar series in 2015, they are working on increasing the webinars offered and also intend to offer another NGN Seminar later in the year.

I trust you find the articles interesting and informative, and if you would like any further information, please feel free to contact us.  enquiries@cigreaustralia.org.au

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best for 2016 !

Terry Killen
Executive Manager
CIGRE Australia


CIGRE Event Summary

During 2015, we hosted several events, including the 5th edition of SEAPAC, CIGRE tutorials and two new events in CIDER (Conference on the Integration of Renewable Energy Resources) and the inaugural NGN Seminar. All these events were well attended and we intend to offer them again. CIGRE Tutorials in April 2016 and SEAPAC and CIDER in 2017.


CIGRE - Benefits to Members

CIGRE provides its membership with access to a global network of professionals and the related work they are carrying out. Many of our members reference CIGRE information, documentation and often international contacts in their everyday business and the benefit that this brings may offer significant value to their business or improve understanding and resolution of a problem.


Documentation Requirements Throughout the Lifecycle of Digital Substation Automation Systems

CIGRE Working Group B5.39 has recently completed Technical Brochure 628 identifying the new requirements for documentation for Digital Substation Automation Systems brought about by the significant evolution of electronic and LAN-connected devices.


Electricity Network Transmission Roadmap

The CSIRO and Energy Networks Associaiton (ENA) jointly launched the interim report of the Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap project. at Parliament House Canberra, on 3 December 2015. The Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap, to be released in late 2016, will identify specific actions for businesses, policy and regulation as part of an integrated pathway for Australia’s energy transition over the next decade. the concepts and issues align with CIGRE's 'Power Systems of the future' focus and as such, its findings may impact many of our members and stakeholders and ITL readers. The links to the report and website are presented here for your information.