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Issue 3 - February 2015

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This edition summarises CIGRE WG C1-24’s plans to enhance electricity forecasting, as well as some key points made in a report by previous NGN chair Matt Zillmann in his capacity as current recipient of the prestigious E.S. Cornwall Scholarship. Updates are given on how the CIGRE Next Generation Network (NGN) is progressing and also what you can look forward to on the conferences and events front this year.

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Terry Killen
Executive Manager
CIGRE Australia

Future proofing electricity forecasting

With changing customer behavior, penetration of solar PV and greater expectations for efficient investment by networks, traditional methods of electricity forecasting are under pressure. ANC CIGRE member and convenor of WG C1.32 Graeme Ancell of Transpower, New Zealand has been involved with the CIGRE Working Group C1-24 in investigating how networks businesses around the world are adapting their forecasting methods to meet the challenges they face now and into the future.


E.S. Cornwall report – optimising expenditure in asset management

The previous co-chair of the NGN (Next Generation Network) Matthew Zillmann is the current recipient of the prestigious E.S. Cornwall Scholarship. This Scholarship supports Matt whilst working overseas in the global power industry in the United Kingdom and North America, where he is primarily studying opportunities for efficiency savings and improved asset management in electricity networks. He also attended the CIGRE 2014 Session in Paris and participated in the Young Engineering promotion and other activities there. His first report makes interesting reading about his experiences in the UK as well as his experience of the 2014 CIGRE Paris Session.


Young Engineer Network – 150 members and growing

The CIGRE Next Generation Network (NGN) is a division of CIGRE Australia. It aims to develop the next generation of power engineering professionals, providing an opportunity for young engineers (up to age 35) to directly interact with one of the largest and most prestigious international power industry bodies; and to develop as the next generation of up-and-coming engineering leaders and professionals.


CIGRE Australia Conference and Seminar Update

This year CIGRE Australia is hosting or participating in several conferences and events to promote CIGRE work and awareness of key issues and activities in our industry. They also provide unique opportunities to develop your knowledge network and to discuss technical issues across a raft of topics, often with international input or global updates. A summary of these conferences and events follows. As more information becomes available, this will be provided on our Website under the events tag.