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Issue 1 - June 2014

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In the Loop – empowering and informing the industry

A welcome from Doug Aberle, chairman, Cigré Australia. Welcome to ‘In the Loop’, Cigré Australia’s new email-based news update for senior industry leaders. This is the first edition of ‘In the Loop’, which will be a quarterly publication supported by our new public website and information centre.


CIGRE to provide world-class insights for managing ageing substation equipment

CIGRE has undertaken the biggest and most comprehensive global reliability survey ever carried out on HV equipment. The survey represents a service experience of over 280,000 circuit breaker years, 930,000 disconnector earth-switch years, 1.2 million instrument transformer years and 88,000 GIS circuit breaker years. The detailed results are available to Cigré members from e-Cigré in the form of six detailed technical brochures. The survey concluded that ageing is the single largest contributing factor of poor reliability of HV equipment.


Taking a strategic approach to disaster recovery

Planning for disaster scenarios that may never happen may sometimes seem a less than productive use of time and resources. However, for the power industry, having to respond to the damage caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or other disasters, while rare, is a distinct possibility. When a disaster occurs, there is little opportunity to stand back and consider the desired strategic outcome so prior planning and consideration becomes of the utmost importance.


Comprehensive study sheds light on market power

Electricity markets have been studied extensively in regard to the impact of market power on the efficient operation of markets, partly because there is a high level of data transparency and partly because the dispatch process is repeated many times each day. A new study led by Australian Cigré member David Bowker (Hydro Tasmania) and supported by Alex Cruickshank (AGL) in their Cigré working group roles has considered the exercise of market power by generators across 19 markets around the world.