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Issue 2 - October 2014

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This edition highlights some of the activities of the recent biennial session in Paris; discusses a global survey on information systems, presents outcomes of a recent study into limits of distribution feeders for hosting Dispersed Generation and finally, discusses the holistic approach being taken across CIGRE Study Committees in looking at electricity supply systems of the future.

Future editions will cover some of the outcomes of the CIGRE biennial Session in more detail and discuss how ANC CIGRE is seeking to promote a greater interest in engineering and develop its young engineer network (NGN – Next Generation Network).

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Terry Killen
Executive Manager


2014 Biennial Session

The CIGRE biennial session which was held in Paris and ran from 24th to 29th August, successfully brought together more than 3,235 delegates from 85 countries to discuss key power issues affecting companies and countries from around the world. This is the major gathering for CIGRE, held every two years in Paris and bringing together experts, academics and manufacturers from around the globe to discuss work and issues relevant to the electricity industry.


Taking an Holistic Approach to electricity supply systems of the future

At the recent CIGRE Session in Paris, CIGRE released its ‘Electricity Supply Systems of the Future’ leaflet. Focusing on this important subject will help to inform and guide decisions toward optimal reliability, security, economy, sustainability and useability of future power systems.


Global survey reveals key themes in information system space

CIGRE Study Committee SCD2 recently conducted a global survey to define the current strategic priorities for the Information Systems area of the group. This study committee looks at information systems including EMS, DMS, GMS, SCADA, Smart Grid and Networks of the Future applications, as well as business systems such as MMS and business applications.


CIGRE Study Committee C6 and outcomes of a recent study into limits of distribution feeders for hosting DG

Study Committee C6 is relatively new to the world of CIGRE, having commenced in 2002 in response to the growing impact that distributed/dispersed generation (DG) was having on power systems. The mission of SC C6 is to facilitate and promote the progress and exchange of knowledge in the field of system impacts of distribution systems integrating DG, by synthesising state-of-the-art practices and developing reports for dissemination amongst people active in the field of power systems. WG C6 recently published a paper considering the Capacity of Distribution Feeders for hosting Distributed Energy Resources (DER).