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Edition 36 - February 2024

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In this edition we bring you three interesting articles - on synchronous condensers and their role in the energy transition, mobile substations and the condition assessment and life extension of transmission line conductor and fittings.

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Phil Southwell
Technical Editor

Synchronous Condensers: One Tool to help powering Australia's Renewable Future

With Australia leading the charge in renewable energy integration over a vast geographical area with a low population density, ensuring grid stability and security becomes paramount. In order to help accelerate the change, synchronous condensers (SC’s) are a fundamental tool in the toolbox of developers, regulators and service providers and emerge as a key facilitator of the transition to a cleaner energy system.


Sustainability of Overhead Line Conductors and Fittings – Conductor Condition Assessment and Life Extension, Volume 1: State of the Art, Working Group B2.68

While there is a significant effort to build new transmission capacity for the rapidly expanding levels of renewable generation, it is important not to reduce the focus on maintenance and risk reduction for existing assets.  The increase of severe storm activity in addition to flooding and bushfires is also elevating the risk of plant failure.  In this context, a focus on the management of the ageing transmission lines has never been more important.


Mobile substations incorporating HV GIS, WG B3.4

In some circumstances, depending on the application, it may not be appropriate for mobile substations to fully comply with conventional standards regarding, for example, foundations, environmental conditions or testing requirements.