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Webtute - Power Transformer Failure investigations

The words that nobody wants to hear... POWER TRANSFORMER FAILURE!

But if that call ever comes, you would have been glad to have attended this webtute on carrying out failure investigations of power transformers, hosted free of charge by CIGRE Australia and CIGRE New Zealand.

This webtute is about how to conduct a failure investigation to find out what happened and the importance of updating your asset management strategy to prevent this from happening again.

Learn from three of the very best experts in the Australian and New Zealand power industry.

First, Ross Willoughby, who has many decades of experience, will talk about the approach and guidelines for conducting a failure investigation, discussing the dos and don’ts and where vital information is missed. Ross is currently the A2 convener for Australia and works at Reinhausen Australia.

Next, Matt Gibson, a senior engineer at Ausgrid, will cover the process from the initial investigation into a transformer trip, reviewing data and updating asset management strategies.

Finally, Jon Brown, a principal engineer at Transpower, will talk about a recent failure case study, learnings and what to look out for.

Hosted by Australia A2’s Tara-lee MacArthur and New Zealand’s A2 convener Dan Martin. Q & A moderated by NGN member Judith Marks.

Join us for this special webtute on conducting failure investigations of power transformers: