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Power Transformer Tap Changers - Design, Maintenance and Retrofit

The University of Queensland’s Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre (TIC),

is pleased to announce it will be hosting it’s first advanced CPD course in 2020.



  • Understand the basic principles of tap changers, including oil, vacuum.
  • Learn the basic arrangement of regulating windings, benefits and issues of oil and vacuum diverters. Tap changer considerations for renewables and grid integration.
  • Understand key tap changer specification considerations.
  • Understand tap changer designs and applications, differences between diverter and selector type, loading capability, the effects on transformer windings.
  • Become familiar with OLTC maintenance for oil and vacuum types. Understand key items of diverter maintenance, steps to take for high diverter moisture content.
  • Participate in a forum for OLTC fault investigation and supply restoration.
  • Understand MR & ABB retrofit options where oil diverters are replaced by vacuum type diverters.
  • Understand the benefits of dynamic resistance tests.
  • Be informed of innovative condition assessment of tap-changers using acoustic measurements, signal processing techniques used and results from field trials, case study.
  • Be exposed to how some utilities are implementing life cycle oriented maintenance of tap changers.
  • Learn about high moisture issues in diverters, DGA assessment, life extension.

Learn about OLTC failures due to silver sulphide formation



  • Procurement, asset strategists, maintenance managers and engineers.
  • Generation, transmission and distribution personnel.

Consultants, designers and operations staff in the renewables, manufacturing, mining, industrial and infrastructure organisations.


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