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MASTERCLASS - Optimal Selection of Insulators for Polluted Environment

This Master Class in “Optimal Selection of Insulators for Polluted Environments” will provide an understanding of the process of dimensioning, i.e. selecting of the most optimal types, materials and geometrical parameters for overhead line and substation insulators intended to various pollution environments.

The course is a practical guide for utility staff and design and consulting engineers responsible for the selection, installation and maintenance of all types of outdoor insulators for overhead lines and substations. This include
glass, porcelain, RTV-coted, composite and hybrid types of insulators.  Engineers and technical staff involved with the specification, procurement, design and asset management of insulators will greatly benefit. Students of
the subject and engineers-in-training should also benefit from its use.

The Course is being presented by Dr. Wallace Vosloo and Dr. Igo Gutman who both have significant iexperience in this field and are recognised internationally.


More Information in the event flyer can be downloaded HERE: