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MASTER CLASS – Power Transformer Insulation

The Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre (TIC) at the University of Queensland, will be hosting its first Master Class.


 master class power transformer



Course Dates/Presenters              

Brisbane                                          17-18 October 2019 Christoph Krause Weidmann, Michael O’Brien GE

Sydney                                             21-22 October 2019 Christoph Krause Weidmann, Rob Milledge ABB

Melbourne                                     24-25 October 2019 Christoph Krause Weidmann, Deepak Maini/Arun Mathur/Bijay Lal WTC



TIC Members

All prices are inclusive of GST    PLATINUM MEMBERS…………… $1,454.20 pp.



One attendee   ……..……………….$1,845.80 pp.

Three or more non TIC Members 10% DISCOUNT


Registrations close 10thth Oct 2019 or earlier if all places are filled.

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The  course  will  deliver  theoretical  background  information with  “hands  on”  practical  experiences  suited  to procurement, asset  strategies,  operations  and  maintenance  managers,  and engineers in generation,

transmission and distribution, renewables, manufacturing, mining industrial and infrastructure organisations.



This master class will be presented by experts in both cellulosic manufacture and power transformer design and test. 


To understand the function(s) of pressboard and paper in power transformers

To become acquainted with the key insulation components of power transformers

To get to know the characteristics and challenges of cellulosic insulation with regard to ...

  (i)         cellulosic insulation manufacturing         

  (ii)        insulation electric design principles

  (iii)      transformer windings sizing (drying), static winding clamping and oil impregnation

  (iv)      operation: aging phenomena

Learn about transformer secret killers

To know and assess the key parameters which determine the end-of-life of transformers.

To be exposed to:

  • Alternatives to paper and oil
  • Understanding design impacts of the specified connection symbol and non-uniform insulation, if used
  • Understanding designer choices of winding geometry including use of centre-entry
  • Understanding how the test requirements set what insulation is needed

To be acquainted with dielectric withstand, partial discharge inception and breakdown in transformers including:

(i)                  Breakdown Behaviour – Initiation, Propagation, Breakdown

(ii)                Insulation Co-ordination and Waveshape (BIL, SIL vs AC)

(iii)               Puncture and Creep Breakdown

Understand winding types and their application

Learn about dielectric dimensioning

  • Major Insulation (between windings and to earth)
  • Minor Insulation (within windings)

Understand the differences between mineral oil and esters:

  • Implications for power transformer insulation design
  • Thermal behaviour
  • Moisture interaction
  • Benefits and risks

Be acquainted with dynamic short circuit behaviour in transformers and insulation response.


The Melbourne course includes a factory tour* of Wilsons world class manufacturing facilities.

This tour will demonstrate the key aspects of transformer designs, construction, testing and

quality pertaining to transformer insulation. *Restrictions may apply to the factory tour.