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ADVANCED CPD COURSE: Power Transformer Condition Monitoring and Asset Management

The University of Queensland, Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre (TIC), is pleased to announce

the second advanced Continuing and Professional Development (CPD) course in 2020.

ADVANCED CPD COURSE: Power Transformer Condition Monitoring and Asset Management

Venue: Online via Zoom

Program:  This course will be run each Wednesday over a four week period on: 28/10/2020, 4/11/2020, 11/11/2020, 18/11/2020 (See attached Course Program for details)

Brochure: See the attached course brochure which outlines the course, and highlights the presenters bios

If you are short for time: attend the key sessions of interest and read the course handouts later.


The aim of this course is to provide practical information, which can be applied to reduce the whole of life costings of your transformer fleet.

There is a great line up of ten industry and academic speakers with a wealth of knowledge to share.

During the course, there will be a session where attendees can network/chat/discuss their issues or share condition monitoring/asset management successes.

Participants are encouraged to contribute to these discussions, or raise questions about the issues they face.

10 International Presenters from Academia and Industry

  • Rob Milledge, Hitachi ABB Power Grids Australia
  • Brian Sparling, Dynamic Ratings Canada
  • Amra Alibegovic -Memsevic,  Powerlink Queensland
  • Carlos Gamez, Western Power
  • Bhaba Das, Hitachi ABB Power Grids Singapore
  • Dr Hui Ma, The University of Queensland
  • Barry Myburgh, Reinhausen Australia
  • Alexei Babizki, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Germany
  • Chris Beckett, United Energy
  • Tuan Vu, Powerlink Queensland


Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand power transformer losses their source, and loss characteristic.
  • Learn key aspects of transformer efficiency and evaluation of losses. Understand optimisation of initial cost versus losses.
  • Be able to identify methods to include loss value management, and lifetime cost evaluation
  • Lessons learned in understanding the effectiveness of monitoring Essential Elements which affect transformer reliability
  • Finding the effective balance of on-line and periodic monitoring, a function of the components involved
  • Knowledge to increase awareness of new alarms, and consequences of ignoring them.
  • Important benefits to understand in the move from Time Based to Condition Based Maintenance
  • Understand the differences between fleet approach vs single transformer approach,
  • Learn ways to deal with reduced resources,
  • Identify the linkage between transformer specification, maintenance strategy and re-investment
  • Understand the inputs required to determine number, sizes and vector groups for system spare transformers
  • Learn risk based approach to determine how many spare transformers can be justified
  • Identify trigger to update your system spare transformers
  • Identify key maintenance required of system spare transformers
  • Defining a Digital Asset Management strategy used by major Australian electrical utility
  • Understand about Digital Twins                                      
  • Learn about Digital Asset Management in the context of the enterprise
    • Be exposed to Case studies of Digital Asset Management:
      -Circuit breaker monitoring
      -Switchboard monitoring
  • Be involved with networking activity of fellow attendees, learn other companies success or issues.
  • Be exposed to  benefits of condition monitoring of distribution transformers using TXpert digital distribution transformer
  • Understand transformer condition, sensing solutions and domain knowledge for power transformers using the TXpert Digital Ecosystem.
  • Understand the general methods of signal processing for extracting data from transformer condition measurement
  • Learn general methods of data analysis for transformer condition assessment
  • Understand data and information fusion - integrating every piece of data and information to determine transformer health index
  • Differences between Silver and Copper Sulphide
  • Detection methods
  • What are the Failure modes?
  • What mitigation actions could be undertaken?
  • Support that MR could provide end-users with as far as performing of detailed studies and risk assessments based on MR´s FLEETSCAN 2D methodology.
  • Be exposed to different perspectives for condition assessment and different approaches
  • Understand the benefits of a two dimensional approach for condition assessment
  • Be exposed to case study of condition monitoring and asset management  practice in a German utility
  • Background and the need for Digital Enabled Substations.
  • Digitisation of transformer online data and information.
  • Practical application of transformer AVR in advanced VOLT-VAR control schemes in modern power systems with high penetration of renewable sources.
  • Transformer online data for power systems analysis using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
  • Understand practical applications of power transformer online data and information to enhance power system performance and asset management.

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